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Supreme Court banned Narcoanalysis Technique and the Mind Electrical Activation Profile

Supreme Court proclaims 'Narcoanalysis Technique' and the 'Mind Electrical Activation Profile' violative of Articl 20 (3) of the Constitution of India  In an ongoing judgment the Apex court of India has proclaimed the 'Narcoanalysis Technique' and the 'Mind Electrical Activation Profile' as illegal. Taking into account the court the apparatuses received on a charged to uncover the pertinent confirmations identified with a wrongdoing not just disregarded the privilege to life of an individual yet in addition is harmful to mental and physical wellbeing of the individual.  fifth May 2010 can be supposed to be an important day for the criminal legal arrangement of India as the Apex Court of the Country has pronounced the Brain planning and other automatic test managed on a blamed as illegal and violative for the Right to Live with individual nobility and Right to Life . The court has held that "As we would like to think, the necessary organization of t