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can Muslim wife claim maintenance under section 125 cr.p.c | FindYourAdvocate

  Divorced wife right to maintenance under Muslim law Under Muslim regulation the rights of the spouse to get preservation at some point of the wedding is absolute however after the dissolution of marriage her rights are limited. She is entitled to preservation from husband after numerous is simplest until Iddat length ( Iddat is a length of 3 menstrual publications aur 3 lunar months). Muslim regulation does now no longer offer preservation to spouse after Iddat length is over. In Hanafi faculty of Law a divorced Muslim spouse is entitled to preservation at some point of Iddat length while in Shefai regulation a divorced muslim spouse isn't even entitled to preservation. This creates hassle for Muslim spouse as below Muslim regulation it's miles very smooth for guys to provide divorce to his spouse because the regulation lets in him to marry three times however Muslim female does now no longer have any right suggest for herself in Muslim regulation. If after the expiry o