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Legal Status of Homosexuality and Lesbian and Gay | FindYourAdvocate

Legal Status of Homosexuality and Same sex man The community has since fought hard to identify their relationship and group in the eyes of the law. Homosexual sex has been a criminal offense since Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code was introduced. 2009 ruling in the Naz Foundation v. Government of NCT Delhi, the court's ruling was overturned in 2013, leaving homosexual relationships pending the 2018 Indian Supreme Court ruling in the Navtej Singh Johar case. 

Human Rights - Rights of a Senior citizen | FindYourAdvocate

RIGHTS OF A SENIOR CITIZEN IN INDIA It is quite ironic that the country that has educated generations to respect elders in the slightest degree respect} stages  face  an uncompilable exuberant threat over their question of survival. With the growing modification in dynamics of the family structure  i.e.,  the growing no. of nuclear families,  i t's   return to light-weight the shortage of institutional medical system or community care schemes to support the aged in India. This specific age community faces no. of problematic things like monetary stress, emotional care, emergency in health problems, legal disputes, etcetera The social process of this community may be a reason behind grave concern because it has led to social isolation and rather than living a high quality life, they need to endure the everyday struggle of battling loneliness, isolation, mental state well as physical health issues and creating their ends Thereby legal holiness looks to be their solely relief and obtai

(Live) Cyclone Jawad tracking wind map and weather forecast | FindYourAdvocate

 CYCLONE JAWAD LIVE TRACKING MAP  Cyclone Jawad is the 1st cyclone which is coming to the winter season . Every year cyclones are coming to the monsoon season but this time its totally exceptional. India Metrological Department expect that this cyclone Jawad will come to our land on 03/12/21  from Bay of Bengal .  Some state like Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal they are falling into red zone that cause these states are take some serious steps for reducing upcoming damages. These states are fall into costal area that cause they are fall into red zone of cyclone. These costal states are start their initiatives to protect citizens like spreading's awareness, activate their disaster management force, stock necessary food product which will be help to spread the needy person after this disaster. IMA finds that a low pressure created over  the Bay of Bengal near Andaman and South East area of the sea . Govt. of India directs all the fisherman that they are quickly come to the land a

Constitution of Canada( FULL PDF )| Preamble | FindYourAdvocate

Preamble of Canadian Constitution