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Effect and Law of Cyber Sexual Harassment | Find Your Advocate

What is Cyber sexual harassment?   Cyber ​​sexual harassment includes the acts of a person or persons towards the victim in cyberspace that cause emotional stress, psychological harassment, gender-based harassment, invasion of privacy, etc. Bullies can stir up fear of physical harm, threaten or post something defamatory about the victim. This can also lead to victims pretending to be on porn sites. These acts sometimes act like intimidation but not harassment. There is a fine line that tends to blur when the platform for such action is the cyber world or the digital world; However, both of these behaviors are inappropriate and so the law must be designed to generally punish you. In vain when it comes to a cyberspace harassment case, but you can be successful if you differentiate yourself based on who you target.

Cyberbullying - A modern day Crime | FindYourAdvocate

CYBERBULLYING  At first glance, cyberbullying involves several types of crimes, including humiliation through hate speech, texting, or messaging, and posting or sharing negative and fabricated information about a person in order to assassinate their character. , types and forms of cyberbullying are also widespread. These are: posting hurtful or degrading rumors or comments about a person online posting embarrassing or nude / inappropriate photos or videos posting a false or inappropriate website about another person creating online threats that lead to a person committing suicide or hurt another person, racial, ethnic or political hatred on the internet by posting hateful comments or videos. There are no exceptions to cyberbullying in India either With the increase in the availability of data services and the presence of social networks, our country has seen a sudden surge in cyberbullying cases. Adults and teenagers across the country are prone to horrific cyberbullying. In th

Fundamental Right to Clean Environment | Environment as a Basic Right - FindYourAdvocate

Fundamental Rights and the Right to a Clean Environment In the area of elemental rights, the most important proper is the proper to existence assured via way of means of Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. The article says that the proper can’t be eliminated besides constant with the process set up via way of means of regulation. To guard this proper and different essential rights, there may be a absolutely unique function inside the Constitution of India called the proper to constitutional remedies. Article 32 of the Constitution empowers the Supreme Court in the perfect intending to problem now no longer simplest the writ of mandamus, certiorari, prohibition or quo warrant however additionally the opposite direction, order or writ for the enforcement of essential rights. An equal energy is vested inside the High Courts below Article 226 of the Constitution. It is upon the workout of this energy of evaluate that the Courts are referred to as upon to make your mind up whether o

Police Protection for an Advocate under Advocates Protection Bill | FindYourAdvocate

Under section 7 of Advocates protection bill where drafting committee mentioned that how an advocates can enjoy the police protection right . 

Advocates protection bill 2021 PDF download | FindYourAdvocate