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Best Online Trading and Investment Platform in India - Groww

Content: ·        Introduction ·        Groww is best Trading Platform ·        NextBillion Technology ·        Get Assured Joining Bonus ·        Is groww safe for invest ·        Minimum Investment of Groww ·        Withdrawal Fees of Groww   Introduction   Groww (Best Online Stock Broker)    is a Bangalore based online financial service company whom are helping to open demat account under CDSL. It’s founded by four former Flipkart executive on 2016. Now, today Groww is one of the top Unicorn Company in India. In India more than 15 million people download and using Groww for their investing purpose. Groww provide services like Trading in Indian and US stock market, invest in Mutual Fund, open Fixed Deposit in Banks etc.    Why Groww is best for Trading and Mutual Fund Platform? In India, many online trading platform is exist whom are provide financial service to the consumer like Zerodha, Upstox, Agelbroken, Sherkhan etc. but Groww is the best among them b

ONGC vs. SAW PIPES LTD. : Landmark Case Law of Section 73, 74, 55 Indian Contract act and Section 34 of Arbitration act

  ONGC VS SAW PIPES LTD.  CIVIL APPEAL 7419/2001 The company Saw pipes came into a contract with ONGC for the supply of pipes. Due to sudden labor strikes was happened in all over the European continent that cause Saw pipes ltd. failed to transfer the product on time to their client ONGC. So, Saw pipes ltd. requested to the ONGC for extension the time period for delivery the same. There was a clause in the contract that stated- for delay of every week the contractor will be charged 1% of the whole unit price of the order or the part which the contractor has failed to deliver and these liquidated damages can be recovered up to the ceiling limit of 10% of the whole price of the unit. It has also been agreed by the parties that the stipulated liquidated damages are genuine, pre-estimated, not in the form of penalty, and can be deducted from the bill of the payment. Saw pipes ltd. (respondent) had caused the delay and when the ONGC (appellant) withheld the US $ 3, 04,970.20 and Rs.

Case Law regarding Section 73 and 74 Indian contract act : Kailashnath Associates vs. Delhi Development Authorities

KAILASH NATH ASSOCIATES VS. DELHI DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITIES AND ANRS. Civil Appeal No 193/2015   In this case, Delhi development authorities organized a public auction for selling a property and during the time of auction plaintiff Kailash nath associates chosen as a highest bidder among the other participants. On 18.2.1982, the DDA acknowledged the receipt of Rs.78, 00,000/- (Rupees Seventy Eight Lakhs), accepted the appellant’s bid and directed the appellant to deposit the remaining 75% by 17.5.1982 but the plaintiff requested to the DDA for extension of the stipulated time for remaining payment. DDA setup a high power committee to look into this matter. The High Powered Committee on 21.7.1982 recommended granting the extension of time to bidders for depositing the remaining amount of 75%. Based on the High Powered Committee’s report, by a letter dated 11.8.1982, the DDA extended time for payment up to 28.10.1982 with varying rates of interest starting from 18% and going up

Define Delegation Theory under International Law

Delegation Theory:  This idea is developed with the grievance of the preceding idea and the critics of transformation idea, monists have introduced ahead this idea that every country or sovereign has entire proper constituted with the aid of using worldwide regulation called “constitutional regulations of worldwide regulation or treaty” which lets in the states or sovereigns to conform the make bigger of worldwide regulation relevant within side the country. Meaning the states can determine whilst and to hat make bigger worldwide l.  a. are to be applied within side the country and on their human beings relying upon its incorporation within side the municipal regulation. Thus, there's no transformation or no unique adoption of the worldwide regulation like within side the preceding idea. There isn't  any incorporation on new regulations into the country regulation however simplest the attractiveness of 1 unmarried act for the advent of the worldwide regulations wished with t

Volenti Non Fit Injuria - Law of Torts

VOLENTI NON FIT INJURIA     There are many occurrences where it has been observed that the misfortune is being endured by an individual because of the demonstration of the other, yet for which he has no cure in misdeed regulation. It so happens in light of the fact that that the individual languishing the mischief has assented over something similar. Model, where an observer of a cricket match gets hit by the cricket ball at the arena with next to no piece of carelessness and unfair expectation with respect to player or the litigant, in that particular situation the offended party has no cure under misdeed regulation as he personally has assented for such gamble at the hour of buying the tickets. This assent is a decent safeguard for the litigant under misdeed regulation and this is idea is named as ' volenti non fit injuria '. The term volenti non fit injuria is a Latin proverb which alludes to a willing individual, a physical issue isn't finished. It is a customary r