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Railways Case Laws :-

says " 'railway administration' or 'administration' in the case of a railway administered by the Government or a State means ... includes the Government or State." Therefore, in a case where the railway is administered by a Government or State
Gauhati High Court
 - Cites 13 - Cited by 18 - Full Document
railway administration may be served, in the case of a railway administered by the Government, on the Manager ... Railway and includes the Government and, in the case of railwayadministered by a railway company, means the railway company
Punjab-Haryana High Court
 - Cites 12 - Cited by 8 - Full Document
Southern Railways. Madras, in the other two cases, claiming compensation for loss of goods in a fire accident, which took ... discretion is, therefore, left with the railway administration. In the instant case, considering the fact that the goods are safety
Andhra High Court
 - Cites 27 - Cited by 4 - Full Document
with temporary employees of Railways. Ratio in Ram Kumar's case (1988(1) SCC 306) is that normally without undergoing ... Apex Court in Ram Kumar's case (2), otherwise, relevant Rules of Railways, provisions of IREM interpreted by the Court
Gujarat High Court
 - Cites 18 - Cited by 5 - Full Document
would obviously have no place in the case of railways administered by the Government. It cannot be maintained that ... term in the Railways Act includes, in the case of railwayadministered by the Government, the government itself
Madras High Court
 - Cites 12 - Cited by 3 - Full Document
employ of the Central Railway. The petition was amended during the pendency of the case, of which fact a detailed ... Ticket Collector at Mathura Junction on the Central Railway. He was appointed as a clerk
Allahabad High Court
 - Cites 6 - Cited by 5 - Full Document
would obviously have no place in the case of railways administered by the Government. It cannot be maintained that ... also allotted to such managers. In the case of railways managed by the Government, such duties and responsibilities have
Madras High Court
 - Cites 16 - Cited by 5 - Full Document
connected cases -: 4 :- Railway Manager (DRM) at the Divisional level can levy the demurrage charges progressively increasing the rate subject ... fixing rate by any subordinate RailwayOfficer in the present case. It is further submitted that the decision to impose
Kerala High Court
 - Cites 31 - Cited by 3 - Full Document
that in the light of facts of the case, the Railway Administration is not absolved from their liability under Section ... only on 21.7.1973 delivery was effected. The Railways had proved in that casethat the goods were available for delivery
Madras High Court
 - Cites 17 - Cited by 4 - Full Document
conclusion on 18-9-1997 that the case is triable by Railway Claims Tribunal only, hence, the case was transmitted ... Claims Tribunal and the provision of transfer of cases to the RailwayClaims Tribunal contained in Section
Madhya Pradesh High Court
 - Cites 18 - Cited by 3 - Full Document

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