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Building a brand is only the first step; maintaining and preserving it is as important. Find Your Advocate will give your brand legal protection by registering a trademark online.


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Why Trademark

1.     Valuable Assets


A registered trademark can be a valuable asset for your company or business. These assets continue to grow in value over time. The value of your trademarks increases automatically as your company grows. As a result, as your company grows, so does the value of your trademark.


2.     Protection to your Brand


A trademark registration establishes ownership of a brand, name, or logo. It safeguards your brand against unauthorized third-party use. The registered trademark proves that the product totally belongs to you and you have exclusive rights to use, sell, and modify the brand or goods in whichever manner you want.


 3.     Provides Uniqueness to Brand


Every business requires a brand or logo that stands out and differentiates your brand from that of others, so a brand that is unique and different must be registered. As a result, a registered trademark provides your brand with a distinct identity.


 4.It’s an Incentive for Employees to Join

When a startup has a trademark, it is critical that it maintains a positive reputation. People are more likely to work with and for a company that has a good reputation. This is especially true when it comes to expansion. More employees are required as a startup if the company intends to grow.


5. It Averts Legal Issues in the Future

Failure to register a trademark exposes a company to lawsuits from companies that did register one under the same name, sign, slogan, or design. If this happens, a company will be forced to change everything they created, including the campaign, website content, and, to a large extent, their brand identity.

6.  Easy for customers to find


Customers can easily locate a product with a registered trademark. Because it is a powerful tool with a distinct identity, registered trademarks are easily traceable, and customers can easily find your product.


Is Trademark is for Life-Time? The Most frequently Asked Question with Find Your Advocates


Once registered, a trademark can last in perpetuity. Any company that registers a trademark owns it in perpetuity. Yes, trademark registration must be renewed every 10 years (ten years) . However, the brand's identity will live on in perpetuity.



What Can You Register As a Trademark?




  Product Name

    Business Name

    Person's Name And Surname


    Logo or Symbol

It is strongly advised to trademark your logo because it visually represents your brand. A logo is easier for your customers to remember than a name



Abbreviations of a company or brand name can also be a registered as a trademark.



If your company has a tagline, you can trademark it as well. A tagline tells your customers what your company stands for. For ex – Coke’s “Taste the Feeling”.


Color Mark

Sound Mark



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