Brief Idea of A Legal Notice - FindYourAdvocate

Brief Idea of A Legal Notice - FindYourAdvocate

What is Legal Notice? 

We all comprehend the legal notices. Whenever we have a tendency to visit an Associate Nursing advocate or a lawyer, the advocate tells us that a legal notice to send before filing a case in shopper court or a consumer forum. Some customers say that advocates simply need to form cash by causation a legal notice to the company. Shopper factor Advocate charges a price for legal notice and once they take fees or different charges for the full case. Some people understand and take for the correct and provide money to advocate for legal notice. many folks do mind legal notices as a result of they are doing not apprehend the value of legal notices. What is a legal notice? As we know about notice, it means something to inform when we add legal it means we are informing someone under a law that what solution we need from the opposite party, if the party is not agreed or not resolving the issue then the consumer can take legal action and file a consumer complaint in consumer court. There are some benefits to send a legal notice before file a consumer complaint or consumer case in consumer court or a consumer forum.

If you are going to fight a case against any company, you need to give your time to resolve your disputes. It may be time taking process to get redressal from consumer court because consumer court had lots of pending cases and they provide a date for hearing where you need to wait for hearings.  In consumers, the court takes 6 months for the redressal of complaints. No people of consumer want to go to consumer court if your amount is less than 15000 or similar because people can’t want to waste their amount and time on such small cases. In this situation, sending a legal notice to become the best option to resolve consumer complaint via mutual understanding with the company. There are many consumer cases where legal notice helped the consumer to get resolve complaints before filing in consumer court. Due to these reasons, legal notice is also important before filing a consumer case in consumer court. If you send a legal notice to the company, you need to wait for 15 days before filing a case in consumer court. It is a given time for the party to understand the whole matter to reply to a consumer dispute. If you are sending a legal notice to the government organization, you need to wait for 60 days before filing a consumer case in consumer court. 



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