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World Environment Day 2020

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  • What is the meaning or definition of the Environment?

The term Environment has vast meaning. No one can give the exact term or definition of the environment. Many scholars try to give many differences or meaning but if you search the term environment in your dictionary then you find "Environment meaning is Sphere or Surroundings or Ambit."  In normally, we know that Environment meaning Nature.

  • When the World Environment Day is celebrated? 

Every year the world environment day celebrated on June 5.

This Year World Environment day celebrate    05  June 2020

  • Objective and History of World Environment Day?

world Environment Day (wed) is celebrated each yr on 5 June. It's far the ‘united nations’ top car for encouraging attention and movement to defend our environment. World environment day has emerged as a worldwide platform for public outreach, with greater than 143 nations taking part annually. First prepared in 1974, it has been the main campaign for environmental issues ranging from marine pollution, human overgrowth, and raising cognizance about worldwide warming, sustainable consumption, and wildlife crime. International environment day can be celebrated in lots of ways; sports inclusive of marketing campaign clarification, sensitizing the locals approximately the growing environmental conditions and suggesting approaches to save you them, organizing plays, quizzes, tree plantations, lectures, and children poster competition, and many others. They are quite famous.

  • What is the Theme of World Environment Day 2020?

In this year's world environment day, the theme is "Biodiversity". In the World Environment Day, the was Beating Air Pollution.

  • Which country organized this year World Environment Day?

This year the world environment day organized by Colombia with the help of Germany. 

  • What is Biodiversity? 

The number of animals and plants exist or live together in a particular area. That is called Biodiversity.

  • When was the First Environment Day celebrate?
In 1972, UNO was 1st introduced to world environment day,  After 2 years later its implements to all over the world, At t time 124 countries supported this initiative. First World Environment Day Slogan Or Theme was One Earth (1974).

  • What is the Environmental Law in India and Us?


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